We want to remind everyone about the live-stream of our corporate worship service on Sunday mornings.  It’s been in place ever since we resumed in-person gatherings last summer.  And it will continue to be in place for as long as necessary for health and safety.  If you have concerns about attending a worship service indoors with others, please know that this alternative is at your disposal during this season.

The live-stream has always been and will continue to be available right on the home page of our church’s web site -  In recent weeks, we have been experimenting with some different hardware (cameras, etc.) and different platforms (Facebook, YouTube) that we hope will improve the quality.  But, regardless of what hardware or platform we use, we will always make the stream available right on our home page.

If you have been watching the live-stream on one of our social media pages (Facebook, YouTube), please be advised that it may not always be available there on any given week (depending on which platform we are using), but it will always be available at our web site.  So, the most reliable way to make sure that you can always access it is to go to

We look forward to worshipping with you in person, or online.

God bless!

James River Community Church