This Sunday
February 21, 2021


Abraham, Sarah, Hagar, Ishmael
Genesis 16-21 


All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name
Reformation Hymn
Stricken, Smitten, and Afflicted
In Christ Alone


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Last Sunday


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Reflection Questions
To help you reflect on last week's sermon, and/or discuss it in community with others.





Member Meeting
March 7


Evangelism Training
This Sunday (Feb 21), immediately after our worship service, Jason Sleichter will be leading a training session on how to minister to people outside of abortion clinics.  We will watch 3 short videos (5 minutes each), and discuss them briefly.  We’d love for you to join!


Meals for Neighbors experiencing homelessness
The Coalition Against Poverty in Suffolk’s Night Stay program looks atypical this year.  (Ordinarily, we open our building to people experiencing homelessness, give them a place to sleep, and serve them meals.)  This year, because of the pandemic, The Planning Council has made arrangements for guests (there are almost 40 at the moment) to stay in hotel rooms, and is inviting churches to participate by dropping off meals each evening (dinner, breakfast, and a bag lunch).  JRCC has volunteered to serve in this capacity on March 7-14.  If at all possible, please consider helping us to meet this need!  We will send a sign-up sheet with further directions soon.


Flood the Sidewalk
Save the date.  A “Flood the Sidewalk” event will take place in front of Planned Parenthood in Virginia Beach on Wednesday, March 24, from 12-3pm.  The vision is to have as many people as possible join together to pray and advocate for unborn children.  Details to come.  Contact Jason Sleichter with any questions.



Missionary Update


Missionary Name
During the COVID pandemic, many of us have had to respond to things beyond our control. People have lost jobs, businesses have closed, and people have died. No one family, church, ministry, business, school or organization has gone through the pandemic without being impacted in some way. Yet, the Lord’s will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven, for His glory. The Lord is still calling harvesters, and ordaining ministries. Jose and Dianna have faithfully answered God’s calling in life for decades, and the current season is no different. Through various challenges, the Lord continues to work through and provide for their ministry in Semilla. Now they look toward what finishing well looks like. To hear more about how the Lord is working through Semilla, see the attached letter from Jose on where the next phase of that ministry is headed.