This Sunday
February 7, 2021


Abrahamic Covenant
Genesis 12, 15, 17


Come Ye Sinners
God is For Us
Power In The Blood
I Will Wait for You (Psalm 130)
He Will Hold Me Fast


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Last Sunday


If you missed last week's sermon, or if you would like to revisit it.


Reflection Questions
To help you reflect on last week's sermon, and/or discuss it in community with others.





Member Meeting CANCELLED
Our member meeting (that typically happens on the evening of the first Sunday of the month) in February has been cancelled.  Enjoy your Sunday evening!

Meals for Neighbors experiencing homelessness
The Coalition Against Poverty in Suffolk’s Night Stay program looks atypical this year.  (Ordinarily, we open our building to people experiencing homelessness, give them a place to sleep, and serve them meals.)  This year, because of the pandemic, The Planning Council has made arrangements for guests (there are almost 40 at the moment) to stay in hotel rooms, and is inviting churches to participate by dropping off meals each evening (dinner, breakfast, and a bag lunch).  JRCC has volunteered to serve in this capacity on March 7-14.  If at all possible, please consider helping us to meet this need!  We will send a sign-up sheet with further directions soon.


Flood the Sidewalk
Save the date.  A “Flood the Sidewalk” event will take place in front of Planned Parenthood in Virginia Beach on Wednesday, March 24, from 12-3pm.  The vision is to have as many people as possible join together to pray and advocate for unborn children.  Details to come.  Contact Jason Sleichter with any questions.


Serve at JRCC
If you’d be interested in serving with the slides on Sunday mornings, let us know!



Missions Update


Chip and Meredith Jones
Chip & Meredith Jones (Serge in Chile) received a huge blessing in support that enabled them to cover first the repairs to the truck of the man who hit their van, and secondly to replace their van.  They have been able to begin witnessing to this man, starting with this tangible expression of God's free grace to undeserving sinners.  And they have been further encouraged by the additional response of other supporters who heard of this story and are seeking to recognize where bitterness and unforgiveness exist in their own hearts, so they can rely more on Christ.



Small Groups


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