This Sunday
January 24, 2021


Noah and the Flood
Genesis 4-10


The One Who Saves Our Lives
Psalm 46 (Lord of Hosts)
Christ the Sure and Steady Anchor
Speak, Oh Lord
There is a Fountain Filled with Blood


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Last Sunday


If you missed last week's sermon, or if you would like to revisit it.


Reflection Questions
To help you reflect on last week's sermon, and/or discuss it in community with others.





If you are have been worshipping with us online recently (and even if you have been worshipping in person), you are always welcome to take advantage of our online giving platform.  You can find it here.


Chip and Meredith Jones
Chip and Meredith Jones are in need of funding to replace a vehicle that was hit by an uninsured driver.  You can find details, and information on how to contribute here.


Serve at JRCC
There are a number of ways to serve at JRCC.  If you are not already doing so, please consider it!  Right now, we have a particular need for people to help with slides.  (There is only one person left currently serving on the team, and he needs someone to share the load!). If you're interested, let us know!


Virtual Member Meeting
Sunday, Febraury 7