This Sunday
March 28, 2021


Jacob, Laban, Leah, Rachel
Genesis 28-31 


Psalm 34 (Taste and See)
Praise To the Lord the Almighty
God the Uncreated One
How Deep The Father’s Love For Us
How Marvelous


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Last Sunday


If you missed last week's sermon, or if you would like to revisit it.


Reflection Questions
To help you reflect on last week's sermon, and/or discuss it in community with others.





Easter Egg Hunt
We are having a Easter Egg hunt and picnic at JRCC April 3rd from 11am-1pm. All families are welcome. We will have an egg hunt, games, family devotion and a picnic lunch.  Please RSVP to Penny with how many in your family plan to attend.  Also, WE NEED LOTS OF EASTER CANDY! Please place your donations in the designated box in the foyer.


Member Meeting
Our next Member Meeting has been rescheduled to April 11.  (Member Meetings typically take place on the first Sunday of the month, but we rescheduled this month because of Easter.)  We will be distributing and discussing the draft of our new constitution.


Rocket Glider Competition and Launch
Join us at Nike Park in Carrollton, VA at 2 PM this Saturday, March 27, 2021 for a time of fellowship and friendly competition!  Teams of students/adults will be outfitting styrofoam gliders with model rocket engines with the goal of producing the furthest-flying assembly.  Gliders and rockets will be provided—please bring snacks, chairs, and any assembly materials (adhesives, weights) you think you may need.  Families are invited to watch the launch around 3:30 PM!   Please contact Adam Williams at (757) 218-4186 or Pat Scully at (757) 619-9738 to RSVP.



Missionary Update


The Coalition Against Poverty in Suffolk
The Coalition Against Poverty in Suffolk (CAPS) is blessed to have three JRCC church members serving the mission. Tim Bowden is on our Executive Board, Jan Pruden is on staff as a Services Coordinator, and Mary Sue Rawls is the current Director. We are thankful that JRCC has been involved in CAPS since its inception in 2013. JRCC also supports CAPS financially and is a dedicated participant in the seasonal Night Stay ministry. This past year CAPS has been able to help with over $8,000 to house the homeless population waiting for openings in either the Winter Shelter Program or for ForKids. We have also been able to assist in rent, housing deposits, or utilities (over $60,000) in the past year, far exceeding our expectations. Our goals for the future are:

  1. To encourage church outreach ministries (or "Gap" ministries) so that we can increase resources available for our clients,
  2. To increase our communication to the community.

If you would like to be on the CAPS email list for the latest updates, please email Mary Sue at to have your email included. Pray for our ministry, that we can serve the underserved in our community well with the love of Jesus.