This Sunday, we will continue to work through the book of 2 Kings - looking at chapters 21-23, at the life and reign of King Josiah.

Josiah is a little boy when he becomes king, but he accomplishes some great things in the nation during the course of his reign.  He oversees the renovation of the temple building.  During the course of the renovation, they stumble upon a copy of the Book of the Law.  Josiah has it read aloud, and realizes that the people have violated the law of God.  He implements sweeping reforms, purges the worship of idols, and restores the practice of the Passover for people of God.

We will consider the idea of revival.  And how revival comes about - by the people of God listening to the word of God.  And obeying it.  Even if it is costly.  Even if those that went before them did not.