Read 11:1-16.  How would you describe Athaliah?  What does her reign tell us about the spiritual climate in Judah, and they trajectory that they are on?

Describe the life (infancy, childhood, etc.) and reign of Joash in Judah (2 Kings 11-12).  What are some of the good things that he accomplishes?  Where are some areas where he falls short?

Read 13:14-21.  What are the final prophecies that Elisha gives to Joash (king of Israel) in this passage?  How do we see the Holy Spirit work in and through Elisha all the way to the end of his life (and even after his death)?

In 14:1-14, a civil war breaks out between Israel and Judah.  What is the result of it?  What does this conflict reveal about the spiritual state of God’s people at this time?

Read 16:1-20.  What are some of the sins that Ahaz is guilty of?  What do they tell us about his heart?  Why do you think that he copied the altar that he saw in Damascus?  (16:10-18)

In 17:1-6, we see the fall and exile of Israel.  According to 17:7-23, why did the exile happen?  What implications does this reality have for our lives today, as Christians?

In 17:24-41, we the Assyria resettles the land of Israel, with people from all over the empire.  What are the results and implications of this resettlement?  Describe the spiritual climate in the land after it takes place.  Compare and contrast it with the spiritual climate from earlier points in Israel’s history.