Read 6:8-18.  What does this passage show us about the heart of God for his people?  How might this passage provide encouragement and hope for Christians who are suffering, and experiencing persecution?

Read 6:24 - 7:20.  How do we see the grace and providence of God at work in this passage?  What are some ways that this passage might challenge us, as believers today?

What are some of the prophecies that we see fulfilled in these 2 Kings 6-10?

Read 8:1-6.  (And refer back to 4:8-37.)  Why do you think that this woman’s story is included in the book of 2 Kings?  What does it teach us about the character of God?  What does it teach us about the nature of saving faith?

2 Kings 9-10 is filled with a lot of violence and bloodshed, much of which was commanded by God (1 Kings 21:20-24, 2 Kings 9:6-10).  What are we to make of this?  How can God command such violence, and still be good?  What do these commands (and the events that result from them) teach us about the heart of God?

How does Jezebel die?  (9:30-37)  What about her death is unsettling and disturbing?  Why?

What does Jehu do with the industry of Baal worship?  (10:18-27)  What does this reveal about how Jehu (and God) feel about Baal, and about the worship of Baal?  What is some ways that Christians today can apply this text, and live in light of it?

Would you consider Jehu to be a good king, or a bad king?  Why?