How would you articulate the main theme of Daniel 12?  How would you articulate the main theme of the entire book of Daniel? 

How does the angel describe the events and circumstances in the world in the time leading up to the end of human history?  (12:1)

How does the angel describe what will happen at the end of human history?  (12:1-3)  (See also Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21)

Who does the angel have in view when he refers to “those who are wise”, and “those who turn many to righteousness”?  What does he mean when he says that they will shine “like the brightness of the sky above”, and “like the stars forever”?  (12:3)

What questions are asked of the angel?  (12:6, 12:8)  How does the angel answer them?  (12:7, 12:9-13)  Why are these questions important?

What do you think the angel means when he says that some will be purified, and refined, and understand; while others will act wickedly and fail to understand?  (12:10)

The angel tells Daniel to go “his way”, until he stands in his “allotted place”.  (12:9, 12:13)  What do you think he means by this?

What are some things that this chapter teaches clearly, that we can interpret and apply with a high degree of confidence?  What are some things that are more enigmatic, and that are more difficult to interpret?

How is this chapter calling us to respond, as Christians today?  What does it look like to live our Christian lives in light of Daniel 12?