What is Belshazzar doing in 5:1-4?  Why do you think that he chooses to have the vessels of gold and of silver from the temple brought to him?  Why do you think this action was so significant?

What happens next?  (5:5-9)  Why do you think that Belshazzar is greatly alarmed?

What are some similarities that we see between Belshazzar (Daniel 5) and Nebuchadnezzar (in Daniel 4)?

What does Belshazzar offer to Daniel?  (5:13-16)  How does Daniel respond?  (5:17)

What is Daniel’s interpretation of the writing on the wall?  (5:24-28)  Why do you think that God chose those words?  What do they mean?

How does this passage serve as a cautionary tale about the sin of pride and arrogance?