What prompts Daniel to go to the Lord in prayer?  (9:1-2)

What has Daniel come to conclude from what he has read in the Old Testament?  (Jeremiah 25:11, Jeremiah 29:10–14, 2 Chronicles 36:17-21, Leviticus 26:27-35)

Summarize the prayer that Daniel prays in 9:4-19.  What are some recurring themes that he keeps circling back to?  Why do you think that he does that?

What can we learn from 9:1-19 about the spiritual disciplines, and how we can be practicing them in our lives?

Describe what you understand to be the most important elements of a healthy prayer life.  Why do you think that?  (Use scripture to support.)

What does the angel Gabriel communicate to Daniel?  (9:24-27)

What do you think this passage means?  What is Gabriel saying is going to happen?  What does Gabriel say that ought to encourage Daniel?