What words and phrases are repeated through this chapter? Why are they important?

Why is it important that God speaks the entire universe into existence with His Word. What implications does this have for us? How should it inform how we interact with God’s written word in our lives?

Why is it important to believe that God created the world out of nothing? What are some of the implications of this reality?

How do we see the Trinity involved in the work of Creation in Genesis 1?

Why is it important to believe in a literal Adam and Eve? That were specially created by God, in His image?

What is the distinctive purpose for humanity in God’s creation?

How does the person of Adam point forward to the ministry of Jesus?

How does God’s act of creation in Genesis 1 point forward to final redemption of all things in Revelation 21-22?

What does this chapter teach us about healthy rhythms of work and rest? How can we seek to follow God’s example in this area?