Why is it so important to Abraham for Isaac’s wife to come from among his own people, instead of from among the Canaanites? (24:1-4)

Why is it so important to Abraham that Isaac remain in Canaan? (24:5-9) What does that have to do with God’s covenant promises to Abraham?

Compare and contrast the story of Isaac and Rebekah meeting with our contemporary culture’s trends regarding dating and relationships.

What are some of the risks of individualism when it comes to making big life decisions (who you will marry, what you will do with your life, etc.)? Why is it dangerous to make decisions like that in a vacuum, without seeking counsel from others?

What should single Christian men look for for in a wife? What should single Christian women look for in a husband? Why?

Why is it important for Christians to avoid marrying unbelievers?

What can we observe in this chapter about Rebekah, and about what kind of spouse she might be?

How can single Christians (both men and women) be preparing in advance for marriage? What can they be doing in singleness to set themselves up for a marriage that is healthy and godly?

How does this chapter reflect the story of the gospel? How do we see the ministry of:

  • The Father reflected in Abraham?
  • Jesus reflected in Isaac?
  • The Holy Spirit reflected in Abraham’s servant?