Why is Jacob afraid (32:7) after he hears about Esau (32:6)?

Read Jacob’s prayer (32:9-12), and compare and contrast it the prayer that he prayed on his way to Laban (28:20-22). How do they differ, in terms of posture and substance? What do these respective prayers reveal about Jacob’s view of God (at these different points in his life)? What do they reveal about Jacob’s view of himself (at these different points in his life)?

God has brought Jacob through considerable turbulence and suffering (Genesis 25-31), and gets him all alone, in silence and solitude (32:24) - all with the intention of shaping him, and forming him into the person that God wants Jacob to be. Has God ever used suffering, or silence and solitude to shape and form you? If so, how?

Jacob is wrestling with God, and pursuing God with ferocity and tenacity (32:24-32). Do you pursue God, and the will of God, with that kind of tenacity? Why or why not? What are some steps that you can take to pursue God with more zeal?

What is Jacob longing for (32:26)? How has this longing shaped his life to this point?

Why does God give Jacob a new name (32:27-28)? What is the significance of his old name (Jacob, 25:19-28)? What is the significance of his new name (Israel, 32:27-28)?

God has repeatedly promised to bless Jacob (28:13-15, 32:29). How can we see the blessing and favor of God on Jacob in Genesis 33?

What evidences of repentance can we see in Jacob’s life after his wrestling encounter with Jesus?