Why do you think that Joseph’s brothers hate him so much that they sell him into slavery? (Genesis 37) Why do you think they have such strong feelings that they would commit such egregious acts?

After arriving in Egypt, Joseph starts to succeed wherever he goes - Potiphar’s home (Genesis 39:1-6), prison (Genesis 39:21-23), Pharaoh’s court (Genesis 41). Why do you think this happens? How are we to understand this recurring phenomenon?

List out some of the ways that Joseph experiences suffering and persecution in this story. How does he respond to it? Do you find his response(s) remarkable? Why or why not? How do you think you would respond if you experienced what Joseph experienced?

Why do you think that Joseph proceeds the way that he does, and treats his brothers like he does in Genesis 42-45?

How does Joseph understand the sovereignty of God? How does he understand God’s sovereignty to interact with human sin and evil? (Genesis 45:4-8, 50:19-21)

Why do you think that God allows for evil in the world? Why do you think that God allows His people to experience suffering?

How does this story of Joseph point to the person and work of Christ? In what ways does Joseph serve as a prefiguring of Jesus?