Read Judges 1-3.  How would you describe the state of Israel as it is described in these chapters?  Why?

Read 1:27-36, and Deuteronomy 6:17-19.  How is Israel responding to God’s clear commands?  Why do you think that they are responding this way?

Read 2:11-15.  Why do you think that Israel is falling into sin like this?

Read 2:16-23.  What does the Lord do to try and help and save Israel?  How does Israel respond when a judge dies?

How does the death of Joshua and Caleb’s generation affect the nation of Israel?  (2:6-10, 2:11-15)

Describe the leadership of Othniel.  (3:7-11)

Describe the leadership of Ehud.  (3:12-30)  Why do you think that they author chooses some of these specific details?