What does Jesus mean when he says that “the kingdom of God is in the midst of you”? (17:21)

In 17:20, Jesus says that the coming of the Kingdom will not be noticeable or observable. Then, in 17:24, he says that it will be like lightning that flashes in the sky - unmistakable, that everyone can see. How are we to reconcile these two verses? How are we to understand the tension between them?

In what ways is the Kingdom of God here already? In what ways is the Kingdom of God not here yet?

What does it look like to enjoy and live in God’s Kingdom, as a present reality that is here already?

What does it look like to prepare for God’s Kingdom, as a future reality that is coming?

What is Jesus trying to communicate with his examples of Noah and the ark (17:26-27), and Lot and Sodom (17:28-32)? Why were these people caught unaware when judgment came? How can we apply this to our lives today?

Jesus warns that those who love this world more than God are in danger of God’s judgment (17:31-33). Are there things in your life that you tempted to love more than God? What would it look like to prioritize God above those things?

Are you ever tempted to hold on to your own life, and preserve it? Rather than trust God, and give it completely over to him? If so, how?

Do you ever find yourself looking back longingly at your old life like Lot’s wife?