Why does Jesus tell this parable? What is the spiritual application? How does this particular story (of the unjust judge and the persistent widow) illustrate this application?

What observations can we make about the judge? How are we to assess his character? Why?

What observations can we make about the widow? What insights do we have into her particular situation? Why?

Why does the judge grant the widow’s request, and give her mercy?

What does this story tell us about the heart of God? And about God’s desire to listen to the prayers of his people, and answer them? How does this story teach these truths?

If this story is teaching us that God answers the prayers of his people, how are we to understand circumstances in our lives where God appears not to answer our prayers? How are we to reconcile those experiences with a text like this?

How is this story calling us, as Christians, to respond? What does obedience look like for us?