How do we see Zacchaeus’s faith on display in this story? What does Zacchaeus teach us about the nature of faith?

Compare and contrast Zacchaeus (19:1-10) with the rich young ruler (18:18-23). How does Zacchaeus serve as an example? How does the rich young ruler serve as cautionary tale?

Why do you think that Jesus’s words in 19:5 were particularly meaningful? What do you think their significance would have been to Zacchaeus? What do you think their significance would have been to the people in the crowd?

Compare and contrast the response of the crowd in 19:7 and 18:43. Why do you think that they respond in these different ways? What kind of heart postures might lead to either response?

Are there areas in your life where you are particularly vulnerable to pride and self-righteousness? If so, what are they? How can you be intentionally on guard against these sins in your life?

What does Zacchaeus’s response in 19:8 illustrate and teach us about the Christian life? How is God calling you to respond to His grace in the gospel? What are some characteristics of a heart and life that has received God’s grace?

What are some ways that you could better demonstrate joyful obedience and sacrificial generosity in your life?

Jesus says that he came to seek and save the lost (19:10). How does this verse help us understand Jesus’s mission and priorities during his ministry here on earth? How does it help us understand our mission, as the church? What are some ways that we can be fulfill that mission more effectively?