Why do you think that Jesus wept as he saw the city of Jerusalem?  (19:41)

How does your heart respond when you consider the heart of Christ for sinners and sufferers?  How do you feel about the way that Jesus feels about you?  Why?

Have you ever had to watch someone that you love (a child, or family member, or close friend) make a bad choice?  How did you feel watching them?  What emotions did you experience?  Why?

What is the peace that Jesus is referring to in 19:42, and what are “the things that make for peace”?  How can we make sure to live in light of them today, instead of being ignorant of them?

What warning does Jesus have for those people who fail to make peace with God?  (19:43-44)

Does the wrath and judgment of God (and the inevitability of it) inform how we respond to God in the gospel?  Why or why not?  And if so, how?

How can God be loving and compassionate, and yet also willing to judge and punish sin at the same time?  How does a right understanding of these attributes of God affect our lives?