Why do you think that Jesus uses these people (the rich people, and the poor widow) as an object lesson to teach about generosity?

Compare and contrast how the world understands and values money and generosity with how God understands and values money and generosity.

What are some reasons why Christians should be generous with their money, time, and resources; and why they should look to use those things to bless others?

Describe what it might look like for a person to be:

  • Wealthy and godly
  • Wealthy and wicked
  • Poor and godly
  • Poor and wicked


Practically speaking, are there any (relatively) universal principles about money and stewardship that you think apply to all (or at least most) Christians?  How much money should they give away?  How much money should they keep?  Who should they give their money to?  If so, what might those principles be?

What are some practical things that we can do to handle our money (earn, give, save, spend, etc.) in ways that please God, as opposed to ways that impress the world?

How does the message of the gospel speak into how we handle our money?  How does the person of Christ, and what He has done for us, confront our greed?  How does it push us to be more generous?

Is there anyone in your church family that knows about your finances?  Anyone that has the ability to speak into them?  Anyone that you can seek counsel from about money?  If not, who is someone that you could ask for help in this area?  If so, how can you build habits to invite and submit to their counsel better?