What are the signs that Jesus is saying will help us to know that the kingdom of God is near?

Why is it important for us, as Christians, to be aware of eternity (the second coming of Christ, and what will happen when he returns), and to live in light of it?

What behaviors and pitfalls does Jesus warn us against here in this life?  (21:34-35)  Why?

Why is it significant that Christ’s return will be sudden, and unexpected?  (21:34)  What kind of response should that elicit in us?

What behaviors does Jesus encourage us toward here in this life?  (21:36)  Why?

What does it mean to be spiritually watchful and wakeful?  How can we be cultivating those patterns in our lives?

What are some ways that we can be preparing for our encounter with death?  What can we do today to begin intentionally striving in that direction?