What does the feast of Passover represent?  How is the Passover fulfilled in the person and work of Christ?

Why do you think that the religious leaders wanted to kill Jesus?  What did they hope to accomplish by it?

What does Luke mean when he says that the religious leaders “feared the people”?  How did this fear drive their behavior?

What are some ways in which fear of other people manifests itself in your life?  How does it keep you from obeying and following God?  What would repentance look like for you in this area?

Jesus was betrayed by one of his twelve closest friends and followers.  What can we learn from this?  How should it inform our relationships?  How should it inform how we keep watch over our own souls?

How is Judas lured away from Christ by Satan and the world to betray him?  What can we learn this incident to help us be on guard against sin and temptation?

Judas looked for an opportunity to betray Jesus in the absence of a crowd.  Why does sin thrive in anonymity?  How can we be careful to avoid scenarios where sin might be more difficult to avoid, and where temptation might be stronger?