What can we learn from Peter’s example in this text?  What can we learn from his mistakes?

What are some ways that Satan seeks to attack and hurt the people of God?

How can we be on guard against Satan’s schemes and attacks (both individually, as Christians, and collectively, as a church)?

According to 22:32, how is it that Peter perseveres in repentance in the face of Satan’s attacks?  What can we learn from this, and apply in our own lives?

What does Jesus call Peter to do after he has turned again and repented of his sin?  (22:32)  What are the implications of this?  How can we have a similar posture in our own lives?

Peter demonstrates presumption, spiritual pride, and excessive self-confidence (22:33) prior to a massive fall into sin (22:54-62).  Why are these attitudes and postures so dangerous in the Christian life?  How do they make us vulnerable to sin and disaster?

Why do you think that Jesus allowed Peter to experience temptation, and to fall into sin? 

Why do you think that Jesus offers different counsel here (22:36-37) than he does back in Luke 10:1-12?