Why do you think Jesus brings his disciples with him to the Mount of Olives?

How can the local church help you to be a better pray-er?  How can you lean into the community in your church to invest in your prayer life, and the prayer lives of your fellow members?

What can we learn from the example of Jesus’s prayer in this passage?

How can we, as Christians, be working to build healthy habits of prayer?

What are some ways that you can make space for silence and solitude in your life?  How can that practice benefit your prayer life?

What does it look like to be honest with God (about our cares, concerns, fears, etc.), while also trusting in God (and his will and plan)?  How can we be working to cultivate both of these postures (honesty and trust)? 

Do you find honesty in prayer to be easy or difficult to come by?  Why?  What can we be doing to be more honest with God when we pray?

How does the presence of God in our lives help us to persevere through suffering and difficulty?

What can we learn about the cross from this passage?  How does Jesus’s agony in the garden give us insight into what he would experience on the cross?