Why do you think that Peter denied knowing Jesus?  What heart postures might have prompted him to do that?

Why do you think that was Peter so brave in the garden, and yet so cowardly in the courtyard?  How can we account for such a dramatic turn?

How does Peter react after he hears the rooster, and sees Jesus look at him, and remembers everything?

Why is the sin of over-confidence so uniquely dangerous to our souls?  How can we be working to avoid it in our lives?

Peter’s fall into sin starts small, but eventually culminates with him denying that he even knows Jesus multiple times.  Have you seen sin patterns take a similar trajectory in your own life (starting small, and then subtly growing into more serious)?

How does an indifference to smaller, less scandalous sins make us more vulnerable to more significant, life-altering sins?

How can we be guarding sin in our lives now, so that we can be less vulnerable to the dangers and effects of sin in the long term?

How do you think Peter might have felt about returning to his brothers after his denial?  How does God call us to respond after sin in our lives?