Do you find it remarkable that Ruth left her home and her life in Moab, in order to follow her late husband’s mother back to her homeland of Bethlehem? Why or why not?

Read Ruth’s words in 1:16-17. What can we tell about Ruth’s character, and her faith, based on them?

Why is Naomi bitter when she returns to Bethlehem (1:19-21)?

What do you notice about Boaz (and his character) when we first meet him in Ruth 2? What do you notice about him as the story progresses in Ruth 3 and Ruth 4?

Why do you think the first potential redeemer decides to let the opportunity pass him by (4:1-6)?

In what ways does Boaz and his actions resemble the person and work of Christ? What can we learn (and be reminded of) about Jesus when we read about Boaz?

How does Ruth serve as an example for us, as Christians? What about Ruth is worth emulating? How can we let her story, and her character, and her actions inform our lives, as Christians?

Why is it significant that Ruth (a Moabite female) is folded into the community of Israel? So much so that she becomes an ancestor of King David, and of Jesus Christ? What can this teach us about the heart and character of God? What theological truths can we derive from this reality?