How is Joseph an exemplary character for us?  What do we see in his life that is worth considering and emulating?  Why?

In this text, Joseph hears from the Lord through a dream (multiple times).  How does the Lord speak to His people today?  How can we be intentional to be attuned to the Word of the Lord, so that we can hear him speak to us?

What are some dangers that might be associated with relying too heavily on visions, dreams, and signs?

What are some dangers that might be associated with disregarding all visions, dreams, and signs outright?

Why do you think that Joseph is afraid to go back to Judea?  (2:22)

Why do Joseph and Mary and Jesus eventually settle back in Nazareth in Galilee?

What is significant about the city of Galilee?  Why is it noteworthy that Jesus grew up there, and called Nazareth home?  (See also Mark 6:1-6, John 1:43-46.)

Jesus’ life was marked by things that were despised by the world from start to finish (poverty, persecution, Nazareth, crucifixion).  Why is this important to recognize?  What can we learn from this?  What application might it have for our lives?

Is there something that is overlooked, disregarded, or despised by the word that God may be calling you to?  If so, what is it?  How can you be intentional and faithful to that calling - even if it is costly?