What are the circumstances in David’s life that prompt him to write this psalm?  (2 Samuel 13-18)

How does David describe his experiences of persecution and suffering at the hands of his enemies?  (3:1-2)  According to Jesus, what should the Christian expect, in terms of treatment from the world?  (John 15:18-26)

How does David describe how God has intervened to save him from his enemies?  (3:3-6)

Have you experienced this (or something like it) in your life?  Have you ever had God protect you from danger, or lift up your head, or answer when you cry out to him?

David says that he is able to lay down and sleep because of God’s sustaining grace.  (3:5-6)  Why is this significant?  What are the theological implications of sleep?  How does a robust understanding of the sovereignty of God help us to rest, and to sleep deeply?

David prays that the Lord would save him (3:7) - despite having just declared that the Lord already has saved him (3:3-6).  What are we to make of this tension?  What implications does it have for us, and for our prayer life?

David declares that salvation belongs to the Lord.  (3:8)  What do you think he means by this?  What implications does this reality have for how we understand our own salvation?