What are some theological truths that you see embedded within this passage?

89:1-18 teaches that God is glorious and sovereign. 89:19-29 teaches that God loves His people, and draws near to them, to save them and take care of them. Why are these 2 theological realities so remarkable, when they are considered together? How does one inform the other?

How does the author’s tone shift between 89:1-37 and 89:38-52?

Has there been a time in your life where you had difficulty believing the promises of God? Or believing in the goodness of God? If so, what were the circumstances?

How does Psalm 89 instruct us to respond to suffering and difficulty in our lives?

89:34 says that God will not violate His covenant with His people. 89:39 says that God has renounced His covenant with his people. How are we to reconcile these 2 verses?

How can we, as Christians, be intentional to cultivate a prayer life that is marked both by brutal honesty, and by ruthless trust?