In 1:1, Paul declares that he is a slave of Christ, and also an apostle of God.  What can we learn about his understanding of God and himself from this language?  What can we learn about leadership and power dynamics from this language?

Paul says that the gospel was promised beforehand through the prophets in the holy Scriptures.  (1:2)  What do you think that he has in view here?  What are some Old Testament passages that promise or anticipate the coming of Christ?

Paul says that Jesus was descended from David according to the flesh, and was the Son of God in power according to the Spirit.  (1:3-4)  What is the significance of the doctrine that Jesus is both fully human and fully divine?

According to 1:4, what can we learn and understand about Jesus as a result of his death and resurrection from the dead?

Paul says that God has given him “grace and apostleship" through Christ.  (1:4-5)  What do these terms mean?  What can we learn about the nature of the Christian life from Paul’s use of these particular words?

What is "the obedience of faith”?  (1:5)  Why do you think that Paul chooses these specific words?  Are obedience and faith completely separate categories?  Why or why not?

Paul says that the obedience of faith of the people of God exists “for the sake of [God’s] name among all the nations”.  (1:5)  What do you think he means by this?  What does this tell us about the chief purpose for which we were created, and for which the world was created?