How would you articulate the main theme of this passage?

Based on the totality of Romans 6-7, would you say that Paul has a view of the law that is generally positive?  Or generally negative?  Why?

According to 7:7-12, how do sin and the law work in concert with one another to do harm to the believer?

According to Paul, how does the law arouse sin in our lives?

Do you think that 7:14-24 is describing Paul’s experience as a believer?  Or do you think that it is Paul, reflecting back on his experience as an unbeliever before coming to Christ?  Why?  What are some reasons in the text that might cause us interpret it one way or the other?

How does this text serve as a warning for us?  What does it teach us about the danger and sinfulness of sin?  What does it imply that we, as Christians, should be doing to stay safe from the dangers of sin?


The New Testament seems to indicate two realities about the Christian life:

  • Because we are sinful humans, we will always be struggling against indwelling sin that is present in our hearts and lives.
  • Because we belong to God, and are filled with and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we will increasingly see victory over sin as we walk with him.

How can we, as Christians, uphold these two realities?  How can we guard against despair (being shocked when we encounter sin in our lives)?  How can we guard against resignation (giving up, and no longer fighting against sin)?