What rhetorical questions does Paul ask in this passage?  What answers are implied?

What promises for believers do we see embedded in this passage?

Explain the logic that Paul is using in 8:32.  What point is he trying to make?  How is that point intended to encourage (and assure) those who trust in Jesus?

Why does Paul specify that God is the one who justifies believers?  (8:33)  How does that reality support Paul’s point that no one can bring a charge against God’s elect?

What three verbs does Paul attribute to Jesus in 8:34?  Why are they important?  How are they relevant to the question that Paul is speaking to (“Who is to condemn?”)?

What does Paul mean when he says that Jesus is interceding for us?  (8:34)

Read Psalm 44.  How is that passage relevant to the trajectory of Paul’s argument in 8:35-39?

Why does Paul say that Christians are “more than conquerors”?  (8:37)  What do you think that he means by this?

How are Christians to respond to the theological reality that nothing can separate us from the love of God?  Does this doctrine run the risk of encouraging us to rebel and abuse God’s grace?  Why or why not?