Why do you think Paul refers to himself as a servant of Jesus Christ? What does this say about how Paul views himself and about how we should view ourselves as Jesus’ followers?

What is the nature of genuine saving faith? How does a person come to possess genuine saving faith? What are the fruits of genuine faith?

Are there areas in your life where your faith is lacking?  What are some steps that you could take to grow in that area?

How does the promise of eternal life in the Bible give Christians a greater, surer hope than any of ther worldview or belief system? If someone were to ask you to explain why Christianity gives you a better hope than any other belief system (Muslim, Mormon, Buddhist, etc.), how you would answer?

Do you think that Christians tend to confine our worship of God to the time we spend at church? Why or why not?  What would it look like to worship at work or at school or in other public places?