Why is it important for a church (and its leaders) to have sound doctrine, and to be able to teach?

What are some examples of ‘empty talk’ and ‘deceit’ that you have heard in the world?  What are some examples of them that you have heard in the church?

Why does Paul say false teachers must be silenced?  What are the consequences of false teaching when it spreads through a local church?

What are some of the false teachings today that Christians should be aware of and avoid?

What are some ways we, as believers, can be on guard against false teaching, and against the sins of insubordination, empty talk, and deceit?  How can we watch out for each other, and protect/shepherd each other?

What are some reasons people fail to or refuse to speak out against false teaching in their churches?  How can we guard against becoming that kind of congregation?

Are there dangers of becoming overly concerned with correct doctrine and theology in a church?  Why or why not?  How can we guard against the sins of legalism, impatience, and hypocrisy as we seek to be faithful in our teaching and practice?