3:1 instructs us to “be submissive to rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready for every good work”.  What are some ways that this verse is relevant for us today?  What are some ways that we can apply it and obey it?

What does it look like to speak evil of no one and show perfect courtesy toward all people? What are some ways you have found helpful to guard your tongue? What are some things we should keep in mind before simply saying whatever is on our mind?

How is remembering our old way of life helpful when speaking to and dealing with other people who are lost?

What evils does Paul list that God has saved us from? What does it mean to really be free? How is freedom in Christ different from the ‘freedom’ the world craves?

How do we see the gospel on display in 5:3-7?

Think of someone you know who needs help. What can you do this week to make their life better? How can we be more intentional in doing good works?

What distractions do you think prevent us from doing more good works? What heart attitudes should we be guarding against that will make our lives unfruitful?