This Sunday
February 6, 2022


Who Are We?
Psalm 8


God Of Wonders
Good God Almighty
Praise To the Lord the Almighty
Only a Holy God
Behold Our God


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Last Sunday


If you missed last week's sermon, or if you would like to revisit it.


Reflection Questions
To help you reflect on last week's sermon, and/or discuss it in community with others.





Support the CAPS Night Stay Program
The Coalition Against Poverty in Suffolk is organizing the Night Stay Program - mobilizing local churches and organizations to open their doors for people who are in crisis, whether facing eviction or homelessness.  And there is one final week (February 2-9) at the Salvation Army in Suffolk!  We have an opportunity to support them through volunteering, preparing food, etc.  If you are able to help, please sign up here.  If you have any questions, contact Connie Schubert (, 757-286-9126).


Crisis Pregnancy Center Baby Bottle Campaign
Please take a baby bottle (if you haven't already)!  Use it as a reminder to pray for the Crisis Pregnancy Center, and unborn children, and expectant mothers.  And fill it with donations, and bring it back to JRCC on February 27!


Ladies Fellowship Dinner
February 26

Women of JRCC!  Come join us for a time of fellowship and conversation.  Dinner will be provided!  We want you there!  Contact Gina McKeehan or Brittany Page with any questions.

Men of JRCC!  We have an opportunity to serve the women of our church by preparing dinner for them.  We need your help to make it happen!  Please contact Tim Bowden if you are able to help.


We need people to help with preparing snacks to enjoy after our corporate worship services, and cleaning up afterward.  If you'd like to volunteer, you can sign up here.



Missionary Update


Eric Gambardella
In November, Eric helped to host a TNCC Launch Event. A student from the Hampton campus came and, unexpectedly, so did a student from the Historic Triangle campus on the north end of Williamsburg!  He says it was exciting and encouraging to meet these two students, each of whom is excited about the opportunity to start a new ministry at their respective campuses. Starting in the Spring, Eric will be spending one day per week at the TNCC Historic Triangle Campus, one day at the TNCC Hampton Campus, and two days at CNU. We can join them in prayer that God will make his presence known in these new campus ministries and to give wisdom and strength to those who will be leading the effort!