This Sunday, we will hear from Romans 1:18-32.  In it, Paul begins unpacking the thesis of his letter - that God saves and imputes the righteousness of Christ to those who trust in him.

In order to establish this, Paul must first show that all humanity is under the wrath of God because of their sin.  (Which he does in Romans 1-3.)  And, in order to establish that, Paul must show that it is true of those who are far from God - Gentiles, pagans, those who are not religious, those who have never heard of God, etc.  (Which he does in Romans 1:18-32.)

We’ll consider the nature and effects of sin.  And think through some tough questions, such as:

  • Why do we have a natural inclination toward sin?
  • How does sin affect our soul and mind?
  • What kind of response does our sin evoke from God?
  • What happens to people who never hear the gospel?
  • How are (behavioral) sins and idolatry connected?