What are some trends and recurring themes that you see throughout the descriptions of the kings in 1 Kings 15-16?

Describe the heart posture of the widow in 1 Kings 17.  How does it compare and contrast with that of the kings in 1 Kings 15-16?

Read Luke 4:16-30.  What is Jesus’s point about this widow from 1 Kings 17?  Why does he appeal to her story in this moment?

Why do you think that God waits until after the widow gives bread to Elijah before he miraculously provides flour and oil for the widow and her son?

For the widow, obedience to God was costly (giving the last of the bread that her family needs to Elijah).  What are some ways that God might be calling us to costly discipleship and obedience in our lives today?

How does the widow respond when her son dies?  How does she respond after his life is restored?  What do these responses tell us about her heart?

What does the story in 17:8-24 tell us about:

  • the sovereignty of God?
  • the nature of saving faith?
  • the nature of Christian discipleship?
  • the power of prayer?