Read 21:1-9.  What are some of the ways that Manasseh departed from the will of God, and lead the nation into sin?  What are some of the effects that that leadership had on the nation, and on the temple?

What kind of imagery do the prophets use in 1:10-18?  How do they convey the judgment that is going to come upon Judah?

How does Josiah represent a significant departure from the legacy of his father (Amon, 21:19-26) and his grandfather (Manasseh (21:1-18)?

How is the Book of the Law discovered during the reign of Josiah?  (22:3-20)  How does Josiah respond when it is brought to him?

What are some ways that we can adopt the posture of Josiah?  And be intentional to hear, and listen to the Word of God?  What are some ways that you can grow personally in this area?

Read 23:1-27.  How does Josiah respond after hearing the Word of God, and seeing what it is calling him (and the nation) to do?

Josiah purged the land of idolatry and false worship.  (23:1-20)  What are some ways that you can be addressing and repenting of sin in your life?

Josiah reinstated the Passover.  (23:21-23)  What are some ways that you can be intentional to remember God’s grace, and worship him in your life?