What do we learn about Paul and Timothy from this passage? What can we learn about their relationship?

What do 1:3 and 1:5 show us about the importance of parenting (particularly motherhood)? How might these verses serve to encourage parents in general, and mothers in particular?

What do you think Paul means when he exhorts Timothy to “fan into flame the gift of God” (1:6)? How can we attempt to do this in our lives?

In the ESV, 1:8-12 is one long sentence. How would you diagram that sentence? What is Paul trying to communicate through it?

What did Paul see when he contemplated the gospel? (1:9-10) How might these theological realities inform our lives, as Christians today?

What are Paul’s reasons for why he is not ashamed of God? (1:12) How can we apply this, so that we can represent Christ more boldly?

How does Paul describe Onesiphorus? (1:16-18) How do you see Onesiphorus living in light of the gospel?

What can we learn from 1:15-18 about how we, as Christians, can cultivate and navigate relationships in a healthy way?