Why do you think that God has given us His Word?

What does Paul mean when he says that Scripture is “breathed out by God”? (Consider Genesis 2:7, John 20:22)

Why is it significant that all Scripture is breathed out by God?

Paul says that Scripture is profitable for:

  • teaching
  • reproof
  • correction
  • training in righteousness

What do these words and phrases mean? How are they distinct from one another? What are some examples of each of them?

What Biblical doctrines do we derive from 3:16-17? Why are they important? What implications do they have for our lives as believers?

How can we, as Christians today, have confidence in our Bibles? How can we know that they are reliable?

What does it mean for Scripture to be authoritative? What are some practical ways that we can come under the authority of Scripture?