Why do you think that Daniel was mourning and fasting and praying?  (10:2-3)

What is fasting?  What is the purpose of fasting in the Christian life?  What are some ways that we can be incorporating fasting into our lives to help us grow spiritually?

Describe the man that Daniel sees in his vision.  (10:4-6)  How does he respond?  (10:7-9)  Who do you think the man is?

How does the angelic being address Daniel in 10:10 (and then again in 10:19)?  Why is this significant?

According to the angelic being, why did it take him so long to come to answer Daniel’s prayer?  (10:12-14)  What are we to make of this?

What do the characters and details in this chapter (angels, demons, spiritual warfare) reveal about the nature of the unseen world around us?

What does this chapter teach us about the sovereignty of God?  What does it teach us about the heart of God for his people?