Describe Daniel’s dream.  (8:1-14)

How does Daniel respond when he sees his dream?  How does he respond when he sees Gabriel?  (8:15-17)

Who do the characters in the dream (animals, horns) represent?  (8:18-23)

How does Gabriel describe the reign of the little horn from 8:9?  (8:23-25)  How does this compare with historical descriptions of the reign of the Greek ruler Antiochus IV Epiphanes?

How does Gabriel say the little horn will be removed from power?  (8:25)

How does Daniel respond after the vision and explanation?  (8:27)  Why do you think that he responds this way?

How does this text encourage and instruct us to respond in the face of persecution and suffering?

What does this text teach us about the sovereignty of God?  How does that doctrine serve to encourage us and help us to walk in Christian faithfulness?