How are we to make sense of Abraham’s actions in 12:10-20 and 20:1-18? What is most concerning about it?

What responsibilities regarding their wives does God give to husbands? How would you assess Abraham as a husband? What does he do well? What does he do poorly?

What can we discern about Abraham’s heart and character from 12:10-20 and 20:1-18?

Why is it so important to God that Abraham’s line of descendants go through Isaac, instead of Ishmael? (17:15-16, 17:19-21)

How does Sarah respond when she hears God’s promise that she will have a son (18:9-12)? What does this tell us about her heart, and her faith?

How does Sarah respond when God confronts her about her response (18:13-15)? How should she have responded?

What reasons does Abraham give for his deception regarding his relationship with Sarah (20:10-13)? What do these reasons reveal about his heart?

How is the grace, mercy, and faithfulness of God on display most evidently in these chapters?