What is so significant (and concerning) about Abram and Sarai’s actions in Genesis 16:1-6?

What does it mean that Hagar "looked with contempt on” Sarai (Genesis 16:4)? Why do you think that she did this?

What does God promise to Hagar in Genesis 16:10-12 and Genesis 21:17-18? How does it come to fruition?

What is significant about Hagar’s response in Genesis 16:13?

Consider God’s dealings with each of the characters (Abraham, Sarah, Hagar, Ishmael) in this story (Genesis 16:1-16, 21:1-21). What do those dealings teach us about the heart of God?

How is God’s grace and mercy on display throughout this story?

How does Genesis 21:8-20 show God’s blessing resting on Ishmael and his descendants because of Abraham?

How does Abraham’s failure to trust God’s promises (seen in Genesis 15) result in painful consequences in Genesis 16 and Genesis 21?