What reasons does Luke give for why Jesus tells this parable? (19:11) How is this particular parable relevant to those reasons?

What does this parable teach us about the person and work of Jesus? What does it teach us about His kingdom?

How does this parable help us to understand the Christian life? How does it call us to respond, as citizens of the kingdom of God?

How can we recognize the kingly authority of Jesus in and over our lives? What are some behaviors that we can cultivate to do this well?

Is there anywhere in your life where you are refusing to recognize the authority of Jesus? What are some behaviors that you can repent of to address this?

What are some of the spiritual resources that God has entrusted to you? What would it look like to be faithful and fruitful with them?

How does the prospect of answering to God on judgment day affect the way that we view and live our lives today?

Do you see a tendency in your own life to blame others when you are confronted? Why or why not? If so, how does it manifest itself? What can you be doing to overcome this tendency?