Why do you think that Jesus is so concerned with whether the Christ is David’s son?  What does this question mean?  Why do you think that it matters so much to Jesus?

How does Jesus use Psalm 110 to show his own supremacy and authority?

If we were to truly believe in the sovereignty and supremacy of Jesus (as seen in Psalm 110), how would that affect our lives?  How would it affect our thoughts?  Our words?  Our actions?

What sins does Jesus point out in the religious leaders?  Why are they so concerning to him?

How would a healthy Christology (view of Jesus) help to guard against those particular sins in our lives?

The religious leaders made the mistake of elevating King David above the Messiah.  What are some that you might be (intentionally or inadvertently) elevating someone or something else above Jesus in your life?

How can we cultivate a healthy Christology in our life?  What are some ways that we can work to ensure that he have a high view of Jesus?