Who is represented by the various characters in the parable (vineyard owner, tenants, servants, son, others)?

Why do you think that the tenants react the way that they do in 20:10-12?  What is motivating their violent treatment of these servants?

What can we learn about the heart of God from this vineyard owner?

What can we learn about the nature of sin from these tenants?

How do these tenants serve as a cautionary tale for us, as Christians today?  What are some ways that we might be tempted to fall into the same heart postures and behavior patterns that they exhibit?

What can we learn about the person and work of Christ from the beloved son of the vineyard owner?

Why does Jesus quote from Psalm 118:22 (20:17)?  What do you think he is trying to communicate?

What do you think Jesus means by 20:18?  (See also Isaiah 8:13-15)  How should this verse affect how we live as Christians today?