What kind of vision of the Christian life does Jesus describe in this passage?  How does your soul respond to it?

How should we, as Christians, view suffering?  Despite our natural instinct to avoid it at all costs, what are some reasons why Christians should sometimes embrace suffering?

Why do you think that persecution is such a normal part of the Christian life?  Why do you think that the world often has an innate tendency to oppose and persecute people who follow Jesus?

What are some ways that we can be preparing our souls now, so that we will be able to persevere through suffering when we experience it in our lives?

How do suffering and persecution present us with unique opportunities to bear witness about Christ (21:13)?

How does the return of Christ, and the prospect of spending eternity with him, give meaning and purpose to the suffering and persecution that we experience in this life?

How are church members called to encourage one another and help one another to endure as we inch closer to the return of Christ (Hebrews 10:24-25)?  How can you be obeying this verse better in your life?

How does a text like this give us a sense of urgency to share the gospel with those who don’t know Christ?